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Taking care of Covid patients at home: Some simple dos and don’ts

What are you expected to do if you have a Covid-positive patient in the family, and are sharing your home space with them? Often, complete isolation may not be possible, and as such, you may find yourself in the same house as your parent, spouse, child, or anyone else who has tested positive for COVID-19, but […]

Guidelines for home quarantine

ScopeDetection of a travel related/unrelated suspect case of novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID19) will be followed by rapid isolation of such cases in designated health facilities and linelisting of all contacts of such cases.Home quarantine is applicable to all such contacts of asuspect or confirmed case of COVID-19.This intervention will be limited to the initial phase […]

Treating COVID-19 at home: Care tips for you and others

If you have coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and you’re caring for yourself at home or you’re caring for a loved one with COVID-19 at home, you might have questions. How do you know when emergency care is needed? How long is isolation necessary? What can you do to prevent the spread of germs? How can you support […]